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Nutritional & Mental Skills For Endurance Women

1024 1015 Mariah Bridges

Women In Sport: Nutritional & Mental Skills For Endurance Women   Nutritional & Mental Skills For Endurance Women should be at the top of every woman’s training plan. Along with sports, it can be just as important. Being a woman in endurance sports can seem daunting at times. The majority of the training, scientific research and noise…

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The Power of the Mind-Body Connection

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The Power of the Mind-Body Connection   As we explore National Women’s month, we interview another fellow Endurance Nation athlete about the power of the mind-body connection. Join Mariah on the Endurance Nation podcast as she interviews Laura Becker and how she entered into endurance sports, how it changed her life, and how she eventually…

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The Art Of Pushing Through Setbacks

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The Art of Pushing Through Setbacks Join us for another Endurance Nation Podcast, where this week we virtually sat down with EN Athlete Jenn Edwards. We discussed her rise to endurance sports and an underlying theme of pivotal moments that define her story. With each adventure, setback, and turn, Jenn attacks the issue with positivity…

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2019 Improved Triathlon Training Plans

1024 483 Patrick McCrann

    2019 New Full and Half Iron Distance Triathlon Training Plans Whether you just signed up for your first Ironman®, Half-Ironman® or are a seasoned triathlete, there is one thing we all know to be true: you need a proven customized triathlon training plan to cross the finish line. Maybe you purchased a plan…

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New Plyometric Plan to Improve Your Running

800 600 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach Patrick talks about one of our important “lessons learned” from running with power thanks to our partners at Stryd. Running with power isn’t just about getting stronger — it’s about becoming more efficient. And thanks to Stryd, we can now track and…

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Cozumel Race Report: A Lesson in Building Speed Through the Years

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Have you ever noticed those last stubborn 5lbs you might want to skim, can be the peskiest to drop? The same can be for a personal record in your sports performance.  Sometimes, the longer you are in a sport or the more elite you are, the more difficult personal records can become. A thirteen-minute personal…

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Winter Training the Healthy, Smart and Fast Way

596 446 Patrick McCrann

2019 OutSeason® Training Challenge There is a reason why Endurance Nation has been leading the endurance training and racing game for over a decade, results. Each Endurance Nation OutSeason® Training Plan combines our focus on Quality Training with a commitment to Early Season Consistency.  The outcome? In just fourteen weeks you will build an incredible…

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The Build Up To Kona – How To Prepare Like A Coach

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P reviews his Ironman Hawaii, World Championship experience, starting with the first half of his year — planning, training, preparation, etc. There is a myriad of things that go into a “good” race at the world championships. Some of it is just…

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A World Championship Personal Record: Gear, Guide and Breakdown

1024 576 Mariah Bridges

Overview This year was a personal best year for me here in Kona. The conditions for the swim and bike were ideal; allowing me to better handle the run. My goal was to be able to “run the run” here on the Big Island; by that, I meant sub-3:30. I ran 3:30 on the nose,…

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How to be a Healthier, Smarter Endurance Athlete by Monitoring Your Body

594 596 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P reflects on Jan Frodeno’s injury status after winning 70.3™ Worlds and how we can use this moment to make ourselves better athletes. As background, with a stress fracture in his SI joint, there’s no way Frodo can compete safely. While he’s…

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