Join Endurance Nation for the 2013 Season Only 150 Spots Available!

150 150 Rich Strauss


Endurance Nation will open our doors next week after being closed since the end of October 2012.

On Monday, December 31st, the 4000+ members of our waiting list will receive an invitation to create a FREE 7-day trial membership to claim one of only 150 spots available on our 2013 Team.


We will close the doors again as soon as these 150 spots are claimed.

The Team will reopen again in early May 2013.


Are you racing an early season triathlon? Interested in working with Endurance Nation during your OutSeason? This January drive will be your last opportunity to join TeamEN for the full impact of training with us for the 2013 season.

You must be on our waitlist to receive an invitation.

Please join the TeamEN Waitlist by clicking the the button below.

Join the EN Waitlist Here

“It’s all the good work of EN. Here’s the olympic progression with you guys: 2:54 last year, 2:40 early this season, 2:28 mid season, and now 2:23. Workworks!” – Greg Vanichnakorn

During your FREE TeamEN trial membership:

  • Coach Rich will create your own personalized Season Road Map — his guidance for how you’ll stack our training plans across your season, given your race calendar.
  • Coach Patrick will call you personally to answer any questions you have.
  • You can sample the resources we’ve created and the support we provide to our Team of athletes.
  • Ask the Team about the results and customer service they experience with EN.
  • Sample our “Team Coaching” solution, deciding for yourself if Endurance Nation is a good fit for you, your coaching, training and racing needs, and your budget.

If you decide to remain a Member of TeamEN after your FREE trial, you’ll receive:

  • Open and complete access to entire suite of training plans hosted on our own proprietary platform. These plans are supported by hundreds of members-only podcasts, videos, and written content. These are the same plans in the Store for $200-400+ each!
  • A suite of special-purpose training plans available to Team Endurance Nation Members only.
  • ALL 30+ plans are included in your monthly membership fee!
  • 24/7 support from the Coaches and Team.
  • Discounts on Endurance Nation training camps around the country.
  • Significant discounts from our sponsors: Wheelbuilder, Fuelbelt, TTBikeFit, Xterra Wetsuits, and many more.

Your membership will be only $99 every four weeks and is 100% guaranteed to never go up, ever. However, this will be your last chance to join at this low $99 rate. The new-member rate will be higher when we open the doors again in early May 2013.

There is no minimum commitment, you can cancel at anytime. In fact, if you create your FREE trial, join the Team, and then change your mind within the first 30 days, we’ll still refund 100% of your first payment…no questions asked.

We founded Endurance Nation in 2007 with 80 athletes and have grown to over 600 today. A third of these folks have been with us for more than two years! Together with our athletes we have created a very high quality community of age group triathletes committed to training less, getting faster, and saving money.

The last thing we want in that space is someone who doesn’t want to be there so we make it very easy for you to leave at any time. 

You must be on the TeamEN Waitlist to receive an invitation.

Please join the TeamEN Waitlist by clicking the the button below. Hope to see you on the inside!

Join the EN Waitlist Here

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